SIX Nordic podcast Episode 2: Employing the Unemployables in Norway. A talk with Jørgen Veiby, Norway

For this episode we are talking about employing the unemployables in Norway. It sounds rather cynical, but the reason behind the usage of the term unemployables is not really to describe the people we are talking about. Instead it is used to describe how they are treated by the labour market; as unemployables. While in actual fact they could have worked and would have enjoyed it too if they were given the chance.

SIXNordic_podcast_2As it is, in Norway our governments pride themselves on how low the unemployment rate can get. It is a major success-factor for any sitting government, and one of the key principles for the welfare state Norway. So naturally this is where social entrepreneurship has found its way into, at least some, hearts in the government. They understand it as a method for getting more people into the labour market, and for the new government social entrepreneurship has even made it into their platform for the elected period.

The reason why, I suspect, is because many social businesses try to fix this wrong in the labour market. We talked to Jørgen Veiby, the CEO of the Co-Workers (Medarbeiderne) in Oslo, to learn more about how they work.

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